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The DHD Founders

Sherif Khattab, MD
Sherif Khattab M.D.
Founder & CEO

Dr. Khattab (Dr. K.) is a Plastic and Reconstructive Surgeon with more than thirty years of clinical experience and twenty years as the owner and medical director of a Multi-specialty Surgery Center in in the greater Los Angeles area.

Dr. K. co-founded an IPA with less than a hundred physicians. Together they achieved and maintained quadruple aim status for more than two decades. The same IPA was later acquired by the second largest HMO in Southern California.

According to Dr. K., efficient disease management, patient engagement, providing exceptional quality of care, and lowering costs are of upmost importance in delivering healthcare.

Adam Khattab
Adam Khattab
VP of Advocacy Programs & Field Care Coordinator

In the five years of working in disease management at Ocean Surgery Center (in the greater Los Angeles area), Adam became fascinated in the business side of Healthcare. He and Dr. Khattab partnered together to create a new coordination of care and cash pricing solution, now known as Direct Health Delivery (DHD).

Adam is also a strong advocate of patient satisfaction and maintaining high quality in healthcare delivery. He and his team of Care Coordinators guide their patients throughout every step of the process (from the patient’s initial consultation to full recovery).