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    • "My company has used the services of Ocean Surgery Center and recently DHD on multiple occasions for the surgical needs of our employees. In every instance, OSC provided outstanding care and personal attention rarely found in health care today. In addition to providing excellent care, OSC’s costs were entirely transparent and substantially below costs for identical procedures at local hospitals." - (Director of Human Resources)

    • "I can not imagine having a better experience. I had angioplasty surgery for the 3rd time in my short life and this time was no doubt the best experience yet. It is a scary thing to sign your life away and go into surgery and even though I had this procedure before it is still daunting nonetheless. The doctors and nurses I had were fantastic and I am so grateful for their compassion and professionalism. Dr Khattab who was my liaison throughout the whole process was there for me the whole time. Dr Eisenstein who performed the procedure was tremendously helpful and extremely talented and knowledgeable. I truly do not believe I could have been in better hands. Thank you so much to everyone who helped me through this trying time in my life. I am already fast on the road to recovery and I am looking forward to living a healthier lifestyle to try and ensure that I do not need to go through this ever again. Thank you all so much!" - Cardiology Patient

    • "The cost of healthcare today is excessive, yet a select few medical professionals are working towards a system where better quality care is delivered in a more cost effective manner. By eliminating the bureaucracy, the best providers deliver the best care for the best price, directly to consumers." - Phia Group (CEO)

    • "While no organization keeps track of how many cash-based medical centers have cropped up nationwide in recent years, Smith and Lantier say they've witnessed an explosion. In Oklahoma City alone there are roughly three dozen centers that are all or partly cash based, specializing in everything from radiology to oncology. Texas has two dozen such facilities, and in Torrance, Calif., the Ocean Surgery Center posts many of its prices online. Thousands of cash-based primary-care practices have also sprung up across the country." - Haley Sweetland Edwards (Time Magazine)